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Matt versus the ghosts

Hey look another picture!  I've been playing a lot of fatal frame lately.  Maybe too much fatal frame. 
Aw man
The "I want to eat your nightmares" is from a recent Questionable Content guest strip. 

Near the end of the picture I learned a new way to do speech bubbles so I had to practice.  Holy cow do they come out great.  Fun times. 

And we're back.

Wow that took a lot longer than expected.  I'm still in a bit of a slump lately.  Been having trouble finding the power to actually finish a picture.  But I did get something done, hopefully it's a sign that the slump is lifting.  i saw this girl a few days back dressed a lot like Ramona so I decided to draw her.  Nothing complicated and I don't really like how it turned out (color looks fakey, that left arm needs something to do). But it's done for the most part so here it is. 
A girl in a hoodie

Hope to see you again soon. 

Chapter Break

Sorry guys, no posts for a week or so.  Family emergency.  Stuff you don't want to hear about.  I'll have drawings for you when I get back. 
So I've been in a bit of a slump lately.  Both drawing and in overall enthusiasm.  So today I tried to get some drawing done, to force my way through.  I'll get to those sketches in a bit.  First I will whine about my life.  Some people have commented that I'm often down on myself in regards to anything I make.  Yeah that's true.  Is it great for my self-esteem?  Probably not.  However I'd say it is good for the art overall.  Constantly hating what I do drives me to try again harder to make something that I can stand to look at.  However on the negative side of that, often I don't finish a picture because I give up too quickly on it.  Maybe I crumple up the page in frustration or I just leave the drawing immediately.  About a quarter of the pages in my sketchbook are just unfinished heads.  Yes, I sometimes give up before I finish even the head. 

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The Comic Sketch Caper

So I've been working in secret with a friend on this comic idea.  I don't want to give anything away but there are time traveling secret agents.  Maybe that gave too much away.  Oh well.  In any case, it's going to be a bit ridiculous and I'm not sure if I'm up to the task of updating a comic several times a week.  Not only that, I of course feel I'm not good enough to make an enjoyable product.  So that's sort of another purpose of this journal.  To see if I have the stuff to update on a regular basis and to practice over the summer so that I can start in the fall.  Here are two very basic sketches of the main characters. 

Blackjack learns something terrible
Yes my handwriting is terrible. No the severed head is not a main character.  Yes, Dracula having the Spear of Destiny is probably very bad for the world. 

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The Tale of the Crazy Dream

So I had this dream a few days ago that was pretty cool.  I tend to dream in stories which I thought everyone did but I've been told otherwise.  I remember it in flashes of short bits so I'll add flavor and description to the events a bit so they makes sense to everyone.  In the dream, there's myself, this girl I know, and the girl's boyfriend.  Since I might have friends who read this, both the girl and her boyfriend's identities will remain a secret.  The girl in the pictures isn't meant to look like anyone in particular.  I hope you'll enjoy the story, otherwise come back later when there will be a post that's not about dreams and is a lot less embarrassing to talk about.

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Once upon a time...

These days I spend my time near the ocean selling fabrics to old women and living in the mountains fending off monsters.  After a terrifying bout with an old lady I surfed deviantart for a while and made the terrible discovery that everyone in the world is a better artist than me.  So now I also spend my nights drawing whatever's in my head or going on in my life. 

So if you're particularly interested in how things are in Matt's life or if you want to see silly silly pictures, pay attention to this journal.

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